Instances of Healthy and Unhealthy Foods

The Learning from Home Program was broadcasted again on TVRI, Monday, July 27, 2020. In the present transmission, primary school understudies in evaluations 1-3 find out about sound living. Toward the finish of the video, there are questions that should be replied. Look at the conversation on the subsequent inquiry!

Solid food Healthy food will be food that can keep our bodies liberated from all infections. Instances of solid nourishments are: Staple food sources: rice, earthy colored rice, yams, bread, entire wheat bread Animal side dishes: eggs, chicken, fish, meat, milk, cheddar Vegetable side dishes: beans, tempeh, tofu Vegetables: carrots, broccoli, blossoms cabbage, beans, corn, tomatoes Fruits: papaya, watermelon, oranges, avocado, winged serpent organic product, mangoes

Undesirable food Unhealthy food will be food that whenever eaten an excessive amount of will cause illness. For instance, nourishments that contain heaps of sugar, fat and additives. These nourishments are best kept away from. Instances of unfortunate nourishments: candy and chocolate, moment noodles, singed snacks, soda pops

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