David Yarrow and Cindy Crawford collaborate to raise $2.7million for the University of Wisconsin Department of Paediatrics

Renowned photographer David Yarrow joins forces with his friend and collaborator Cindy Crawford to raise an incredible seven-figure sum for charity.

David Yarrow and his team are pleased to announce that, following a recent charitable event, they, in collaboration with fashion icon, supermodel, and businesswoman Cindy Crawford, have raised over $2.7million for the Department of Paediatrics at the University of Wisconsin.

Together, David Yarrow, Cindy Crawford, and fellow collaborators raised over $2.7 million to fight paediatric cancer and other childhood illnesses across the Midwestern United States and further afield. The pair and their respective teams raised the seven-figure total on behalf of the crucial Department of Paediatrics at the University of Wisconsin.

The University of Wisconsin Department of Paediatrics enhances and promotes the health of children via outstanding clinical care, vigorous advocacy, the performance of cutting-edge research, and exemplary education of paediatric trainees.

“It’s always a treat to work with Cindy,” said Yarrow on receipt of the news that their collaboration and subsequent efforts had raised a sum in excess of $2.7million.

News of the milestone fundraising total comes after the pair joined forces on a photographic work simply titled 1992. The shot is a recreation of Crawford’s iconic Pepsi advertisement from the early 1990s. “To date, our collaboration has helped to raise $2.7million,” Yarrow remarked in a recent statement, “with the wider series of which 1992 is a part also proving central to what’s been achieved.”

The $2.7million raised by David Yarrow and Cindy Crawford follows an exclusive event held in Chicago, Illinois, attended by the world-renowned British fine art photographer and his supermodel collaborator on Saturday, October 9, 2021. The event, which featured a formal dinner, cocktails, and an artist discussion, was organized to celebrate the opening of Yarrow’s photography exhibition, Changing Lanes.

The exhibition features the photographer’s latest works, including 1992, alongside a number of his most iconic and well-known images. Changing Lanes also delves into Yarrow’s fascination with recreating stories from the Wild West, including its history, folklore, geography, and culture as far back as the early 17th century.

In addition to its place as an anthology to the Wild West, it pays further homage to some of the very best in dramatic cinema, including Hollywood blockbusters such as Fargo and American Beauty.

Showcasing his greatest ever breadth and variety of works, the exhibition has already wowed crowds at some of the world’s most famous galleries. Having proved wildly successful, Changing Lanes is now scheduled to continue into 2022, much to the delight of fans of the photographer who’ve yet to witness the spectacle.

About David Yarrow

David Yarrow is one of today’s most collectable contemporary photographic artists. His latest exhibition, Changing Lanes, showcases some of his newest work, including images of wildlife, landscapes, and indigenous communities. The British fine art photographer, conservationist, author, and humanitarian is best known for his distinctive, evocative, and immersive images of life on earth.

Yarrow was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1966 and began photographing as a teenager. He’s since travelled the world to witness and take unique pictures of stunning wildlife and secluded communities in some of the most isolated places on the planet. Today, photographic artist David Yarrow is represented in over 40 galleries globally and is responsible for publishing numerous critically acclaimed art books.

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