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This view of the art museum envisions it as one well-suited to an industrial world, indeed enhancing it. Dana considered work and sculptures as a lot much less helpful than industrial merchandise, evaluating the museum to a department retailer. In addition, he inspired the energetic lending-out of a museum’s collected objects to be able to improve education at faculties and to help within the cultural growth of particular person members of the neighborhood. Finally, Dana saw department museums throughout a metropolis as a great methodology of making sure that each citizen has access to its advantages. Dana’s view of the ideal museum sought to speculate a wider variety of people in it, and was self-consciously not elitist.

University art museums and galleries represent collections of art developed, owned, and maintained by all types of schools, group schools, schools, and universities. This phenomenon exists within the West and East, making it a world follow. Although ignored, there are over 700 college art museums in the US alone. This quantity, in comparison with different kinds of art museums, makes university art museums maybe the largest category of art museums within the country. While the primary of these collections can be traced to …

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