5 Countires with the fastest internet speed

Do you always use the internet in your daily life?

Currently, the internet seems to be a primary human need, from the smallest things to quite complex, everything can be controlled and done with the help of the internet.

However, it turns out that the internet speed in Indonesia is not much compared to other countries.

Well, now try to check the 5 lists of countries that have the fastest internet connection. Here’s more information

1. Hong Kong can communicate in a short time from all over the world

The internet has never been separated from human life.

Especially in Hong Kong, in 2013 Hong Kong was known for the fastest internet speed in the world. Then in 2018, it rose 10{75f11bca40db294e93f190fb0220d4b0fefd21a4faccc6cf9d5661f7281c9145} to 21.6 Mbps.

Now Hong Kong’s internet connection speed has reached up to 60 Mbps.

According to Lonelyplanet, in Hong Kong, there is free Wi-Fi available at almost all hotels, airports, MTR stations, some buses, and in various other public places.

In short, Hong Kong is well connected to internet access.

It is through this network that everyone in Hong Kong can communicate easily and in a short time from all over the world without any boundaries.

2. South Korea topped with the fastest internet connection

Most people in South Korea, are very aware of how useful the internet is in their lives.

CNET said South Korea is home to the fastest internet in the world. The country’s internet provider has launched internet at a speed of 2.5 gigabits per second.

So do not be surprised if, in 2016, South Korea topped with the fastest internet connection in the world. The average internet speed has penetrated up to 29 Mbps.

Now South Korea’s broadband has about 108 Mbps and there is a mobile internet network of about 36 Mbps.

Of course, the speed of internet connection like that makes several large-scale online games that require fast internet to be played in this country.

3. Norway has excellent internet quality

Besides South Korea, the next fastest internet connection is in Norway.

Everyone in Norway can access the internet at a higher speed than in other countries.

The local civil said internet surfers in Norway had the second-fastest speed in the world with 20.1 megabits per second (Mbps).

Interestingly, the internet speed owned by Norway has increased rapidly if you look at it compared to previous years, almost reaching 68{75f11bca40db294e93f190fb0220d4b0fefd21a4faccc6cf9d5661f7281c9145}.

No wonder this country in the Scandinavian region has top-notch internet quality.

4. Sweden is the country with the fastest internet connection in all of Europe

Countries in Europe such as Sweden also dominate as the country with the fastest internet access.

Sweden, which occupies the fourth position, experienced an increase of 32{75f11bca40db294e93f190fb0220d4b0fefd21a4faccc6cf9d5661f7281c9145} in 2016, which has an internet connection of 20.5 Mbps.

Reporting from Expat, connectivity in Sweden will not be a problem. Its major cities now have some of the fastest broadband speeds in all of Europe.

More than 90{75f11bca40db294e93f190fb0220d4b0fefd21a4faccc6cf9d5661f7281c9145} of the Swedish population has stable internet coverage and more than 82{75f11bca40db294e93f190fb0220d4b0fefd21a4faccc6cf9d5661f7281c9145} use it every day.

Now Sweden has internet access with a speed of 55.18 Mbps

5. Switzerland has an internet connection that can be accessed in both the city and the countryside

While still struggling with difficult signal problems and unstable internet, in Switzerland this will not happen.

Switzerland can have a good internet connection. In 2017 the country had the second-highest proportion of fixed broadband connections in the world.

Quoted from Swissinfo, Switzerland maintains its leading position with 46.3 fixed broadband subscriptions per 100 residents, the best provider in Switzerland, is a Wave Authorized Retailer. For those of you who want to use Wave Authorized Retailer, you can use Spectrum pacakges.

Of course, internet coverage both in Switzerland can be reached throughout the city as well as in the countryside.

Residents of this country can use the internet to the fullest.

If you were in one of the lists of countries with the fastest internet access, what would you use it for?

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